Meteorologist. I work for the newspaper Diari Ara in Barcelona. Before that if you tuned in ridiculously early, you would hear me telling people how sunny it was going to be on catalan radio stations RAC1, RAC 105 and Grup Flaix. Play bass, yell and make some uuhhs in Súper Gegant. Yo La Tengo and Teenage Fanclub are the best bands in the world. I went to an introductory talk at the School of Statistics. Although I ended up studying Geography, the fascination stayed with me. I started studying IT on an open university, programming is like realising that instead of throwing a ball 30 meters you’re able to throw it 30 kilometres. I love data since I was a kid. When I was a boy used to play mocking sports games and writing standings. With an Atari ST I assembled a small database to help me out with that. I learned SQL and script creation using PHP to take my data analysis to a deeper level. My programming knowledge has enabled me to work with GrADS and thereby benefit from weather forecasting models. I love sports and all the weird and wonderful stories that surround them. Recently I have become a huge fan of baseball, as a grown up I want to be sabermetric. Once I saw Bumgarner slugging a double against Brandon McCarthy at the AT&T.